The firm

Studio Spalla e Associati is an Italian independent firm. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Milan, the firm’s operations and practices are international.
Studio Spalla e Associati ensure that domestic and foreign clients have access to prompt, reliable and customized professional services for their activities. We provide audit, accounting, tax and legal consulting services for domestic and international businesses.

Tax services

Our tax services mainly include:

  • ordinary tax advice for any kind of business
  • international conventions on double taxation
  • international VAT
  • tax aspects of extraordinary corporate transactions and real estate transactions
  • resolution of transfer pricing issues
  • taxation of expatriates
  • taxation of permanent establishment
  • tax litigation

We provide Italian clients with the necessary advice and consultancy to manage their taxation requirements. We assist foreign clients wishing to make business in Italy by providing consultancy on initial dealings with the Italian tax authorities and offer ongoing support in operating within the Italian fiscal system. We assist with all fiscal obligations from preparing tax returns to obtaining the certifications required to have recognition of tax credits or tax status accrued at national or international level.

We have a solid experience in transfer price matter and we support many companies in the analysis of TP policies and in the preparation of the transfer price documentation.

We provide tax litigation services with our expertise in the Italian fiscal system.

Corporate advisory

We can offer solutions for a wide range of business needs. We can offer full assistance for the following operations:

  • Company formation and domiciliation;
  • Preparation of periodical financial statements, annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements.  Solid experience in IAS/IFRS.
  • Accounting services, staff paperwork and filing procedures;
  • Audit, cash management and account certification services;
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: handling mergers, demergers, takeovers and sale operations, Lbo and Mbo;
  • Company assessment;
  • Due diligences; pre-IPO feasibility studies;
  • Private equity and real estate finance and operations;
  • Auditing of companies and public and private organizations, accounting audit and due-diligence;
  • Corporate law advice and managing of relations with shareholders;
  • Drafting of contract related to M&A, shareholders agreement etc.
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Location - head office

Location - head office - Studio Spalla e Associati

Via Adige n. 20 - 20135 Milano - Italy

Other locations

Other locations - Studio Spalla e Associati

Via Mameli n. 11 - 15033 Casale Monferrato (AL) - Italy